DHL the logistics provider of the world


At a time when traditional post offices and other stores disappear from shopping streets, DHL as the logistics provider of the world is moving closer to consumers with the opening of brick and mortar stores in the Netherlands. 

From the outset, Tchai has helped shape the concept and realisation of these locations, resulting in the launch of their first flagship store in Amsterdam in 2016. In January 2017 our DHL collaboration continued with the completion of their second Dutch retail location in the heart of The Hague, situated between art galleries, boutiques and close to the royal palace.

With DHL’s yellow and red as an unmistakable calling card, we understood this project was not only about forming the store’s visual identity, but also very much about communicating DHL’s brand values to a new public. 

Our focus was on creating a captivating brand experience with a personal touch. Display screens and company attributes welcome the customer into the DHL world of possibilities, while practical elements, such as a packing table and coffee corner, are found en-route to the service counter, where your parcels travels from conveyor belt straight into what appears to be the cargo hold of a DHL plane. And there’s room for some local humour too: with the addition of a throne to the shop floor – for His Majesty, perhaps, if ever he has an express shipment to take care of. 

To celebrate the opening we found a very fitting gift: a 17th century printed masterpiece to hang in the shop window. Take a closer look and you’ll spot the figure on horseback holding a very familiar yellow and red package. 

RetailDeniz Guvenendhl, store